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Forrest Green Partnership

New-Age Emergency Communications Network Now Available in Canada

Mutualink has partnered with Forrest Green (PoliceSolutions.ca) to bring Canadian first responders a trusted, secure, interoperable emergency communication network. Forrest Green is a leading provider of solutions for Police Services with security-cleared bilingual employees.

Bridging Communication Gaps In Canada

Mutualink’s LNK360™ platform, now available across Canada, delivers unprecedented collaboration and rapid communication by building a single, seamless communications bridge between public safety agencies during critical incidents. 

This bridge allows first responders and others as required to relay voice, video, and visual data communications between one another, remote command centers, and other partner agencies. 


Incident-based Collaboration

Agencies can now maintain total control of their communication assets and initiate communications and data exchange with partners on demand. True Interoperability® creates a single mutual aid communications channel inclusive of land mobile radio (LMR) users, LTE smartphone users, and web-based users.

Cross Border Communications

As Mutualink builds Canada’s public safety network, first responders will have access to any other agency or user on the network even across the US-Canada border. This unprecedented access will bridge communications between agencies in small incidents but will be most valuable in large-scale disasters like the massive wildfires that occurred in 2021. This solution is ideal for both the private sector and the public sector.

 The Only Network that Bridges Any Device, Carrier, and Situation

An Emergency Network That Delivers

Mutualink’s technology allows cross-agency collaboration providing for the sharing of multiple agencies critical information in real-time.

Police, fire, hospitals, and private partners can share communication instantly. Access to the crisis management room is by invitation. And once the invitation is accepted data sharing is immediately available. Participating police, fire, hospitals, and even private enterprises can be included. 

Each participant shares the data they have to dramatically shorten the time to resolution.

Mutualink connects with any existing radio, video, or other data source that can be connected via the Mutualink platform.

Incidents on the Canadian-U.S. border often require collaboration between law enforcement, first responders, and rescue services. With the wide variety of existing equipment and different radio frequencies, those communications have been challenging, until now.

Mutualink Interoperable communications supported in talk groups include:

  • Voice: Push-to-talk, Radio, VoIP calling, VoLTE
  • Video: Video cameras (IP or analog), built-in cameras in mobile devices, laptops or webcams, screen sharing applications
  • Group messaging
  • File sharing
  • Location and GIS data sharing
  • Data and information sharing

Natural disasters and man-made crises need seamless communication between first responders and emergency services, including hospitals.

Examples of crises where Mutualink helps save lives include natural disasters— earthquakes, tornadoes, fires, and floods. And, man-made disasters— active shooter, terrorist attacks, and auto accidents.

Participating agencies are invited into the Mutualink platform to share critical information in real-time. Multiple inputs allow crisis management teams to gain clarity in real-time and work together in rapidly changing emergency situations.

All data can be shared through a single computer dashboard or mobile devices.

Seamless Emergency Services Communications

Fire and Police Services

Canadian Fire and Police Services can gain access to on-scene information and better prepare for the emergency ahead. Using your existing equipment plus Mutualink’s technology, you can:

  • Access building floor plans, video feeds, and drone cameras—on your mobile devices in real-time.
  • Seamlessly connect radios with police officers, fire services in other jurisdictions, and others dedicated to saving lives.
  • Coordinate with paramedics and hospitals to better serve injured people.

It's all possible with Mutualink.

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